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Gjogur is a food producer for the domestic and foreign markets. In order to achieve quality goals, the company establishes work rules based on risk factor analysis, where the safety and quality of the products are paramount.

It is the company's policy to always operate an active internal controls that ensure the safety and integrity of products.

Gjogur seeks to support the communities in which it operates through grants, presence and interactions. The company is a member of the Responsible Fishing Industry project.

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Gjögur emphasizes a good working environment, safety and good facilities for staff. The policy is that all equipment in the work environment meets modern requirements and complies with laws and regulations on safety and environment.


Emphasis is placed on educating employees on the importance of safety, and at the same time employees are encouraged to follow the rules and guidelines that guard their safety and care at work.


The company has a contract with Öryggisstjórnun ehf. and has taken advantage of Alda, a data-driven safety management system for fishing vessels.

The company has prepared a policy on how to act in cases of bullying and violence. It is available at all the company's establishments and in employee manuals.

Environmental policy

Gjögur is concerned about the company's environmental and carbon footprint and is constantly looking for ways to minimize it and implement countermeasures where unavoidable emissions occur. 

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The goal of Gjögur is to promote equal status of the sexes and equal opportunities for employees regardless of sex, gender identity, origin and age.

Equal pay policy

Jobs at the company must be available to everyone, regardless of gender and origin. Employees, regardless of gender or origin, must enjoy the same salary for the same or equally valuable work. The criteria used to determine wages and the decision on extra work may not include gender discrimination or other irrational reasons.

  • The company follows a certified equal pay system based on the equal pay standard ÍST 85:2012

  • A salary analysis must be carried out at the beginning of each year, where the value of jobs is assessed and whether there is a difference in salary based on gender or origin for jobs of equal value.

  • The policy is the responsibility of the CFO and was last updated on January 31, 2024.


The company's equality, pay and equal pay policies are published in the company's employee handbooks.

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